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“In Actors Studio we practice the acting method of Lee Strasberg. The essence of this method is that the actor does not indicate his character’s experience, but induces it”

The Actors Studio opened its doors in the fall of 1980. It was established with the purpose of providing the actors with a place where they can acquire and test their acting skills without any pressure presented by the producers, directors, editors, stage managers, lectors and the production, money, career, fame, ambition etc.
In 1988 we expanded our activity to Croatia with the establishment of Zagreb’s Actors Studio (Zagrebački glumački studio). In 1989 we established the International summer seminar in Grožnjan, Istria.

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Janez Vajevec (the older of the brothers) is a Slovenian actor who was interested in the Actors studio approach to acting. He wrote to Elia Kazan and met him in 1970 in NY. Kazan proposed him to join the Lee Strasberg Institute.

Janez studied at the Institute from 1970 to 1979 with Dominique De Fazio, Geraldine Baron, Ed Mitchel, Ben Piazza, Al Morgenson and with Lee Strasberg in his master class. He studied also with Dominique De Fazio when he came to Paris. Later (1981) Dominique De Fazio came also to Gorizia (Italy) and to Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bosljiva Loka (Slovenia) to see the work and lead workshops.

Andrej studied with Dominique De Fazio, Geraldine Barron, Marc Marno, Hedy Sontag and others in 1979. In 1980 (1981) Janez and Andrej started an Actors studio in Ljubljana and a few years later in 1986 in Zagreb (Croatia).

The every-year Groznjan’s method-acting workshop has been organized for more then thirty two years. (It was held also during the years when there was the war in Croatia!)

Tomi Janezic – director, first met the method at the Academy from a famous Slovenian actor (at that time professor there) Boris Cavazza (father of Sebastian) in 1995 (Boris studied the method with Janez and later went to NY to see the Actors studio work as an observer etc.) and he started to work in Janez and Andrej’s studio the same year.

“We started our own Studio (Studio for the Reasearch of Art of Acting) in 1996. (To continue with a few actors some actor’s training which we started before that as students.) I first went to Groznjan’s workshop in 1997 and studied intensively since then in both studios. I directed in Mladinsko theatre for the first time in 1997/98. In 1998I gathered a group of actors from this theatre with a few others (who I worked with before and were method trained) to start a creative process, which was based in the method.

Actors who work in Mladinsko theatre studied mainly with me, but also with Janez and Andrej (I brought the whole group to both studios sessions during our rehearsals to work with them, the whole group went to Groznjan’s workshops etc.). We studied with different teachers and worked on different acting approaches and techniques but we all learned the method mostly from Janez.”



The members of the Studio meet regularly once a week on Mondays from 20.00 to 24.00 on Ulica Janeza Pavla II. 13.The workshop is designed after Strasberg’s model: an hour of relaxation, an hour of sense memory exercise and two hours of scene work.

Entry admission is 5€.


Zagreb’s Actors Studio meets  weekly on Saturdays between 16.00 and 19.00 on the premises of Zagreb’s Youth Theatre, Ulica Nikole Tesle 7. We visit their Studio once or twice a month.


Every year, at the end of August, we have an international intensive seminar in Grožnjan on the premises of Musical Youth of Croatia.

At the end of June we also have a Summer Acting Workshop. It is a one week intensive course.


When considering a particular candidate to become a lifelong member of Actors Studio necessary and sufficient conditions must be fulfilled.

Necessary condition:

  • professional actor over the age of 18. A “professional” means that actor is engaged in a pursuit of professional acting career

If the necessary condition is fulfilled, candidate has to also satisfy sufficient conditions. In this regard we look the following criteria:

  • number of professional projects candidate has
  • previous training
  • previous awards
  • previous candidates activities within studio and his contribution to our reputation


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